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cApStAn's role in 21st century skills

New assessment tools are being developed to measure 21st century skills, 4C Skills, soft skills, or character qualities. These tools can be immersive, interactive and adaptive. The 20th century testing paradigm cannot accommodate the breadth and depth that is required of measurement today.
cApStAn is involved in translating and adapting such assessments, and in analysing translations of pilot instruments for innovative domains in both international large-scale assessments (ILSAs) and smaller social and emotional (SEL) skills assessments. Our experience positions us as the ideal partner for you.

Our Work in 21st Century Skills

Scenario-based Tests with Virtual Agents

Complex assessment components such as simulated interactions through an online chat require a careful, informed translation process. The functioning of each part of a test scenario is essential to evaluate the skill at hand.

Longitudinal Studies of Social and Emotional Skills

A test that is going to be taken by the same respondents at different times requires materials that are suitable for different age cohorts. In addition, linguists must understand the underlying constructs being tested and document the adaptations they suggest.

Assessments of Creative Thinking

When respondents are asked to use design tools (shape, line, select, stamps…) to illustrate their original ideas or improve existing designs, the possibilities of an open-ended response are expanded considerably. These tasks come with elaborate coding guides for which an accurate translation is crucial.

Resources on 21st Century Skills

Just out: the new ITC/ATP guidelines on tech-based assessment. Proud to have been a part of this!

It has been a privilege for cApStAn to work on the test translation and adaptation section of the Guidelines for Technology-Based Assessment of the International Test Commission (ITC) and the Association of Test Publishers [...]

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Recent research shows that the language used in job postings may be holding women back from work

by Pisana Ferrari – cApStAn Ambassador to the Global Village Why are women still underrepresented in many high-profile fields like finance and STEM? The reasons behind this are complex and [...]

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Are “social and emotional skills” and “personality traits” completely distinct, distinct yet similar, or one and the same?

by Pisana Ferrari – cApStAn Ambassador to the Global Village   Researchers and practitioners in the “Social and Emotional Learning” (SEL) field refer to intrapersonal and interpersonal characteristics as “social [...]

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