Excellence among friends is cApStAn’s hallmark

cApStAn is a high-profile language service provider with a holistic approach to multilingual projects: this ranges from translatability assessments, to preparation of glossaries and translation guidelines, to delivering translations that are fit for purpose. We specialize in translation and adaptation of data collection instruments (assessments, questionnaires, simulation exercises, psychological tests). We have a unique portfolio of references with international organizations, research institutes, NGOs, and the testing industry. cApStAn was founded in May 2000 and has its offices in Brussels and, since 2014, also in Philadelphia.

Our clients are on five continents, and they choose us because of our translation quality assessment criteria. Our R&D department develops web-based quality assurance tools. This translates to efficiency gains and to greater consistency within and across projects for the same client. We have acquired an unmatched reputation for our translation services in Europe and North America, as well as in Australia, Asia and Africa.

In addition to our multilingual and multicultural core team of 24 experts from 15 nationalities, cApStAn trains, coordinates and supervises an international network of over 700 linguists and experts who are among the finest in the profession: experienced translators and/or teachers with one or more higher education degrees, mostly in philology, translation, sociology, psychology, economics or educational science.

cApStAn operates as an independent linguistic quality control agency, maximizing 3MC equivalence with our translation verification method. Our flagship project is the OECD's Programme for International Student Assessment, a large-scale international survey. In PISA 2022, there are 88 participating countries/economies and 114 verified versions in 54 different languages; we have been trusted with ensuring linguistic equivalence of all language versions of PISA since its inception.

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