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Translating literary works related to indentured migration as an act of social justice

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The quality of the work performed by cApStAn in each PISA survey has been exemplary. A Project Administrator at the OECD

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Disentangling Proficiency in Programming from Proficiency in English: Codility Meets cApStAn

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What We Do

Linguistic Quality Assurance

Linguistic Quality Assurance (LQA) begins before translation starts. Engaging language experts early ensures meeting higher standards of translation quality.

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The right combination of state-of-the-art technology, experienced translators, and a process to ensure that a translation is fit for purpose.

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Linguistic Quality Control

cApStAn’s seal of approval is an endorsement of the quality of translation and cross-cultural adaptation procedures, confirming equivalence to the source and suitability for your target population.

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Knowledge Share

We share our knowledge, expertise and experience through publications, workshops, Think Tanks and conferences.

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Some of the Fields We Work In

knowledge and skills

Knowledge and Skills

In international training and certification programs, knowledge and skills need to be measured reliably.

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knowledge and skills

Market Research

Multiregional or multicultural surveys rely on cross-cultural relevance to capture consumer experience.

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knowledge and skills

Social and Attitudinal Surveys

Surveys are sensitive to the language, culture and context of each surveyed community.

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knowledge and skills

Talent Management

Psychometric assessments that measure workforce skills are high-stakes instruments that require cross-cultural compatibility.

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Some of Our Clients

The Added Value of Linguistic Quality Assurance

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Speakers: Steve Dept, Founding Partner and Marielle Lerner, Localization Specialist

Watch the On-demand webinar by cApStAn Founder Steve Dept and Localization Specialist Marielle Lerner where they explain the advantages of Translatability Assessment and demonstrate the process.

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home on demand webinar

Case Study

The OECD’s Programme for International student Assessment (PISA) developed PISA Global Crises Module (GCM) to collect information on how education systems around the world have responded to the COVID-19 pandemic and how students’ learning experiences and school preparedness have changed.

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Guest Post

Dr Sarah Richardson

Between 2010 and 2012 the OECD implemented the Assessment of Higher Education Learning Outcomes (AHELO) Feasibility Study. The focus was on measuring the learning outcomes of final year bachelor-degree (or equivalent students) in the domains of civil engineering, economics and generic skills.

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Client Testimonial

Life was so much more complicated before cApStAn

Project Administrator


Client Testimonial

The quality of the work performed by cApStAn in each PISA survey has been exemplary.

Research Fellow

Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER)

Client Testimonial

Their (cApStAn’s) linguistic services meet the highest professional standards and our staff confirms that cApStAn’s communication policy is highly efficient.

OECD indicators/analytics division

Client Testimonial

Your work is so immaculate: error-free, explanatory and tactful

Research Fellow

Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER)

Linguist Testimonial

I’ve been working with cApStAn since 2012. It was an amazing moment when they found me for one of their projects because I was still a novice, so to speak, back then in the translation industry. But they’ve been patiently working with me to the point that the working relationship has become so precious. I say, through my experience, that cApStAn see and trust in your potential, build you up in your skills and help accomplish something truly satisfactory. They never lose friendly spirit to communicate with you and their promptness to support you is amazing. And as a matter of course, they are indeed professional in every aspect of their jobs. I certainly recommend cApStAn to anyone who wants to find enjoyment in their work.


Expert linguist for Japanese

Linguist Testimonial

I’ve been working for cApStAn since 2006 and it’s been always a great pleasure – perfect coaching and communication, quick and clear responses to the point, very friendly and positive approach of all members of the team, timely payments –  simply best working experience in my life.


Expert linguist for Slovak

Linguist Testimonial

Working with cApStAn is one of the best working experiences in my life. Friendly, familiar atmosphere, the able staff ready to help in any moment… all these elements create an incentive working environment.  It’s a great pleasure for me to cooperate with such highly professional company and I’m always looking forward to work on new tasks.


Expert linguist for Croatian

Linguist Testimonial

From the very first moment I met the cApStAn team back in 2008, I thought it would be great to collaborate with them…and it was such indeed! The professionalism with which they manage every single (international) project is their landmark; the passion and enthusiasm they put into their work are always perceived. They are always there if any queries should arise during the job and they are open to comments and suggestions. All these characteristics put together have made me love working for them. Absolutely…yes!


Expert linguist for Mexican Spanish

Linguist Testimonial

I have been in translation industry for more than 16 years and have been in relation with cApStAn and its sister company, BranTra, for nearly a decade now. I cannot think of another agency on a par with them in terms of fair remuneration, project support and responsiveness, interesting projects, clear instructions and quality control standards (after all, linguistic quality control is what cApStAn is internationally renowned for). The Project Managers are always there to support and treat you in a professional and friendly manner which stems from the company’s excellent, humane culture and team spirit.


Expert linguist for Farsi

Linguist Testimonial

Love working with cApStAn, everyone is truly friendly and helpful. As a freelancer and a mommy at the same time, I find it easy to adjust to the proposed deadlines.


Expert linguist for Indonesian

Linguist Testimonial

Working with cApStAn since 2013 as a freelance linguist, I am extremely happy with all aspects of our collaboration and relationship. Interesting projects, varied tasks, clear job instructions, well organised work procedures, knowledgeable and helpful project managers, are a few of the reasons why I enjoy so much working with cApStAn. And besides being a model of professionalism and achieving high quality work, they build human and friendly relationships with their freelance partners, which is also much appreciated.


Expert linguist for French

Linguist Testimonial

I’ve been working with cApStAn for about 3-4 years. The jobs are very interesting and I see them as having the greatest impact/value for the society among the projects I participate in as a linguist. But what I like most is the supportive, fair, responsive, friendly and professional attitude of the company. I prefer working based on such principles, and cApStAn always championed in this in my eyes since we have started our cooperation.


Expert linguist for Hungarian

The Latest from cApStAn

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Preparation of Translation Process: Legacy Content Transfer & Management


Depending on the client’s requirements, on time and resources available, and on the purpose and life cycle of the document, cApStAn will combine different modules to assemble a coherent project with the most suitable workflow. You will ultimately decide on which modules to keep.

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