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Linguistic Quality Control

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cApStAn offers a comprehensive range of translation quality assessment services

Such as expert reviews, translation verification, evaluation of machine translation quality, or final optical checks on delivery platforms. Our seal of approval represents an endorsement of your translation procedures, confirming a translated version’s equivalence to the source and appropriateness for the target audience.

cApStAn Modular Approach – Our language services are organized in 20 modules that can be combined on the basis of needs, requirements and goals to arrange the best workflow for each project.
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Our LQC solutions

Full verification

What? Sensitive or high-stakes data collection instruments
How? Trained cApStAn verifiers conduct a comparison of the target to the source, and check compliance with item-by-item translation and adaptation notes. To report on translation quality in a standardized way, verifiers use cApStAn’s list of Verifier Intervention Categories that describe translation quality and equivalence issues. cApStAn generates relevant statistics.

Ensure quality with a thorough linguistic review

Focused verification

What? Data collection instruments with only some critical sections
How? Same process as full verification, but only sensitive or critical parts of an assessment or a questionnaire are earmarked for verification. Alternatively, verifiers report on pre-determined aspects of the translation.

Target your linguistic review to essential elements

Dual Verification

What? Instruments with specialized subject matter
How? Same process as full verification, but both a linguist and a subject matter expert (SME) work together to verify, and a cApStAn project manager combines their feedback into an actionable report.

Check content localization in addition to linguistic quality

Automated check using VeryFire™

What? Large-scale data collection instruments
How? Our translation technologists program project-specific rules and language-specific rules. VeryFire™, cApStAn’s in-house QA tool, automatically checks adherence to these rules or to a glossary, and flags all violations.

Add an extra quality check step

Machine translation quality evaluation

What? Instruments translated using machine translation
How? A combination of algorithms and targeted human evaluation, which will help make an informed decision about post-editing needs.

Take advantage of machine translation

Scroll down to read our linguistic quality control case studies.

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International Early Learning and Child Well-being Study (IELS)

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