Opinion Polls

How can you avoid translations that miss the mark?

Public opinion research uses different interviewing modes, recycles existing questions to measure trends, and develops new questions to tap into sentiment across a broad spectrum of social groupings. The role of translation technology is essential in our survey translation services to ensure consistency across delivery modes, across survey waves and across language versions.
Cultural adaptation is an integral part of our survey translation services. Validity and reliability are at the heart of our approach.

Our Work in Opinion Polls

Public Opinion Research

cApStAn has extensive experience in preparing multiple language versions of public opinion surveys and documenting each step of the survey translation process.

Election Polls

European election polls are a good example of multilingual data collection instruments that provide insight into the voting intentions of a culturally diverse population. We apply best practices in translating, adapting, piloting and validating these questionnaires.


Data collection instruments that tap into respondents’ sentiments are among the trickiest to apply cultural adaptation to. It is necessary to know enough about each target group to avoid unfamiliar or unnatural translations.

Resources on Opinion Polls

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