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How do you translate a psychometric test?

Psychometric tests in technology-rich environments, adaptive psychological tests, social & emotional skills assessments, and profiling tests have gone multinational. We have created a space for test adaptation in psychology/psychological testing where psychometricians and linguists work together to produce valid and reliable instruments in multiple languages, with the International Test Commission guidelines for translating and adapting tests as our guiding light.

Our Work in Talent Management

20+ years of test translation have resulted in cApStAn’s knowledge base of linguistic features known to affect psychometric characteristics of test items. This is the underpinning of the quality assurance services we provide to talent management organizations before, during and after translation.

Pre-hire Profiling Tests, Personality Questionnaires

In the form of questionnaires with anchoring vignettes and different response scales, pairs of statements describing the candidate, or other psychological assessment methods, cApStAn linguists know how to deal with the subtleties of test adaptation in psychological testing and are trained to document their choices.

Simulation Exercises, Situational Judgment Tests

We work closely with test authors to determine to what extent the use of jargon is intentional and discuss the range of adaptations permitted in distracting materials. We also take into account the potential impact of differences in professional environment and work culture.

Verbal and Numerical Reasoning Tests

When translating your items, our item-by-item translation and adaptation notes for translators and reviewers focus on maintaining the difficulty level of items that assess reasoning abilities.

Resources on Talent Management Assessment Localization


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