Test security and data integrity are engrained in our processes and workflows: content processed by cApStAn remains under embargo as long as the client has not placed it in the public domain. This does not preclude that we share our methodology. We do not only apply good practices described in the International Test Commission Guidelines for Translating and Adapting Tests, we design them, we test them in large-scale production environments, we streamline them and, of course, we promote them.

We share our experience through a variety of channels:

  • We publish
    As lead authors or co-authors, cApStAn team members publish peer-reviewed articles in journals (e.g. Localisation Focus or Journal of Refugee Studies) and chapters in authoritative reference books. Our editors are leading researchers in international assessment with whom we have worked—Keith Rust from Westat and Ray Adams from ACER—and influential academics in the field of cross‑cultural survey methodology—the late Prof. Janet Harkness [See list of publications below].
  • We organize workshops
    For organizations, in conferences or symposia and, of course, for our freelance language professionals, we organize workshops on linguistic quality assurance, on standardized reporting or on translation technology. We recently pivoted from mainly F2F to mainly interactive webinars. Both formats offer hands-on exercises.
  • We participate in Think Tanks and Symposia
    We present our translation quality assessment methodology at the Comparative Survey Design and Implementation (CSDI) workshop, at symposia organized in Europe (GESIS) or the US and Canada (NCME). Our CEO Steve Dept serves on the Advisory Board of the Cross‑Cultural Survey Guidelines.
  • We attend professional conferences
    We are actively involved in the European Conference of the Association of Test Publishers (E-ATP), in the International Test Commission (ITC) and the European Survey for Research Association’s (ESRA) biennial conferences. We occasionally present together with partner organizations (e.g. Hudson Benelux).

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