PISA launch event in Uzbekistan | Translation of PISA Assessments – the Gold Standard within reach of National Centers

The State Inspectorate for Supervision of Quality in Education (SISQE), Uzbekistan in collaboration with the Ministry of Public Education, National Center for International Studies on the Assessments of Quality in Education, OECD, UNICEF, World Bank, UNESCO are organizing a in-person/virtual hybrid conference on 11-12 April, 2022 to launch and commemorate Uzbekistan’s participation in PISA 2022 main studies.

The PISA 2022 Launch Event is symbolic opening ceremony of the main assessment process of PISA 2022 in Uzbekistan, to inform the general public and the international community about the ongoing reforms in the enhancement of quality of education and assessment of learning outcomes in the country, and to determine the next steps in these areas.

We are honoured to have been invited to participate at this event. cApStAn’s founding partner & strategic partnerships director, Steve Dept, will be speaking at the event on ‘Translation of PISA Assessments: the Gold Standard within reach of National Centers‘.

There will be various other discussions to raise awareness of the international community about education reforms in Uzbekistan. Specific proposals on strengthening the image of Uzbekistan in global arena and improving its position in global education rankings will be developed, and the experience in the implementation of international standards in improving the system of education quality will be shared.