A panel of experts at ATP 2023 will discuss key issues related to equity and fairness in tech-based assessments

The 2023 Association of Testing Publishers (ATP) Innovations in Testing conference will be held in-person on March 12-15 2023 in Dallas, Texas (USA). The assessment industry is evolving and testing professionals and assessment programs continue to adapt to new ways of learning and testing with the goal of improving outcome. The conference provides a unique opportunity for the professional community to come together and share new tools, technologies, and best practices to advance the industry.

Advances in technology have led to innovative approaches to test design and delivery, enabling assessments to be administered worldwide in a range of scenarios. While these technology-driven advances offer a range of benefits, stakeholders have raised potential concerns regarding equity and potential bias. Equity and fairness in testing are longstanding concerns and they are receiving increased attention with technology-based assessments (TBAs), especially in the context of high stakes exams used to make decisions about people.

In the course of a session titled “Global Considerations for Equity in Technology-Based Assessment”, a panel of experts in test fairness, cultural adaptation, accessibility, and technology-based assessments, including our own Musab Hayatli, will discuss key issues and considerations for equity and fairness in TBA. The panel will take a global perspective to consider how these concepts are viewed and addressed in various regions of the world. Considerations in the global environment include translation and adaptation of TBAs across multiple languages and cultures, access to technology, and preparation of test takers for the assessment experience across a wide range of environments that vary with respect to technological resources.

Detailed report of the session to follow. Stay tuned.

Full conference program available at this link

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