Translation Verification instead of Back Translation

Less-resource intensive | better documentation | higher quality

Speakers: cApStAn’s founding partners Steve Dept and Andrea Ferrari

Recorded Live on Sept. 22, 2021 | Duration: 1 hr.

In this webinar, the speakers will tell you why experts judge that the back translation design is inadequate, but also why the gold standard does not need to be costlier.

– To evaluate the quality and semantic equivalence of translated tests or questionnaires, what is regarded as good practice in 2021?

– What are the typical issues back translation will and will not detect?

– What are the alternatives to back translation?

– What do they use in international large-scale assessments (ILSAs) such as PISA, TIMSS, PIAAC or PIRLS? What do they use in international attitudinal surveys (Pew GAP, ESS)?

– Did some large-scale programs switch from back translation to translation verification?

– How does this affect cost? What do we get for our money?

Stay tuned till the end of the webinar for a 15-minute Q&A session that took place with the speakers.

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