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A Translatability Workshop for Test Authors

Published in: Education

by Steve Dept, cApStAn CEO Experienced psychometricians and test authors who writes good questions can be monolingual. It doesn't prevent them from doing a sterling job. As a matter of fact, Anglo-Saxon items writing practices have dominated the assessment universe for about half a century now, and psychologists who master ...

Industry experts share their optimistic visions for the future of education

  Online, remote, on-demand, self-paced, informal, diverse, flexible, practical, life-long, augmented, gamified, automated ... these are some of the buzzwords related to the future of education, as seen by some of the most innovative players in the field. An interesting overview. Source: https://www.disruptordaily.com/what-is-the-future-of-education-11-experts-share-their-insights/   Photo credit: Caleb Minear @ Unsplash