OECD seminar on “Translating and adapting Instruments in Large Scale Assessments”

by Pisana Ferrari – cApStAn Ambassador to the Global Village

Heading to Paris for the OECD seminar on “Translating and Adapting Instruments in Large Scale Assessments” (June 7-8), and proud to have two cApStAn speakers at this important meeting, designed to foster discussion and “cross-fertilisation of ideas” between different stakeholders: Danina Lupsa, one of our translation technologists, and Steve Dept, our CEO, are humbled to each give a 30-minute presentation in the same arena as Prof. Ronald Hambleton, Prof. Stephen Sireci and Prof. Fons Van de Vijver. At cApStAn we have a two decade experience in this field, having coordinated Linguistic Quality Control (LQC) of OECD/PISA instruments across 7 survey cycles and supervised LQC Operations in other large-scale assessments and surveys such as IEA/TIMSS, IEA/PIRLS, OECD/PIAAC, UNESCO/LAMP, IEA/ICILS, OECD/TALIS, IEA/ICCS, OECD/STEPP, OECD/SSES and OECD/IELS. We look forward to sharing our experience with a select audience, to participating in heated debate and to bringing back new ideas from what will no doubt be a fruitful exchange. The OECD has chosen the topic of translation and adaptation of instruments for this year as it considers it “a key to achieving the goals of cross-linguistic and cross-cultural comparability in international studies”.

The link is: http://www.oecd.org/skills/piaac/neweventspage.htm