by Pisana Ferrari

President Macron’s new €185 M project aims to promote the French language as an international lingua franca

With 300 million speakers in 106 countries across 5 continents, French is the world’s fifth-most spoken language. For centuries French was a prestigious and élite language in which many of the world’s influential political, commercial, intellectual and artistic discussions were conducted. Over the last three decades times French has lost ground to English, which has gradually established itself …

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The role of cultural and linguistic heritage in skirting censorship around sensitive issues and in the face of oppression

by Pisana Ferrari – Branding and Social Media Manager If you are not a linguist or an ethno-anthropologist with a special interest in minorities in the former Soviet republics, you probably don’t know what Chuvash, Udmurt, Komi, Buryat or Kalmyk are. They are just some of the important minority languages (about 135!) spoken by the …

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