cApStAn LQC joins the international credentialing and accreditation community at the EXG 2022 

Last week, cApStAn co-founder Steve Dept attended the Institute for Credentialing Excellence (ICE) Exchange, held in Savannah, Georgia (USA), for the first time. The credentialing and accreditation community shows exemplary dedication to advancing and promoting best practices, which constantly evolve, he commented. Some of the hottest topics this year were undoubtedly fairness, diversity, equity and inclusion. Steve had very intense conversations with experts from different fields of expertise, ranging from real estate to health care, from architecture to crane operators. This conference in Savannah, Georgia, was an eye-opener in many respects, commented Steve. And, of course, an opportunity to reconnect with friends and peers and to extend our network.

Main takeaways from conference

Here are Steve’s three takeaways from the conference:

  • Face to face conferences do have a different density than virtual events.
  • On the continuum between standardised assessments and individual test-taker experience, the slider moves towards the latter: more accommodations and granularity.
  • There is pressure to offer certification exams in other languages and a growing awareness of the challenges involved.

Addressing language equity in tests

Steve was a speaker at a session titled “How fair is it to deliver your exams in English only?” together with  John Kleeman, EVP of Learnosity and  Questionmark (see photo below, Steve on right)

In the 21st century, accessibility includes language, but translating a test into all the different languages that people speak is not realistic. However, we don’t want pass/fail to be dependent on reading proficiency. During the session speakers Steve John Kleeman, EVP at Learnosity and Questionmark, explored different examples of good practices to make exams fair and equitable for non-English speakers. A lively Q&A session followed the presentations.

Cover photo

Clockwise from top left: Steve Dept and John Kleeman, EVP of Learnosity and Questionmark, speaking at the session titled “How fair is it to deliver your tests only in English”; opening keynote by Disruption Strategist Shawn Kanungo; Day 3, John Weiner, from Lifelong Learner Holdings; DEI poster, Steve Dept with Guillermo Ortiz De Zarate, founding partner of Lineup, lunch break in the exhibition hall, workshop on DEI with Ibidun Layi-Ojo, Director, Examinations at CFP Board; garden reception for newcomers; opening keynote conference room. Middle photo: Steve Dept/John Kleeman session.