Would Leonardo da Vinci have excelled in our “myopic” school system?

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by Pisana Ferrari – cApStAn Ambassador to the Global Village

Leonardo da Vinci had a voracious and prolific creative talent, says the author of this article, and today’s models of assessment and methods of teaching are not receptive, or conducive, to creative impulses and disruptive, rebellious thinking. The article offers an interesting reflection on “the multi-dimensional and dynamic nature of being human” and how it is being “sold short” by the traditional model of education. The multiple intelligences so deftly demonstrated by Leonardo centuries before, says the author, seem absent in all but the most enlightened examination systems upon which most school curricula are built. The 3Rs of reading, remembering and regurgitating still reign, but they may marginalise more creative geniuses than they empower. And employers know this: surveys by prestigious organisations reveal wide gaps between what graduates can do and skills needed in the workplace. Luckily, says the author, our myopic view of education is broadening, and we are putting on holistic lenses at last. The technological age presents an exquisite opportunity to recalibrate what matters in schools. In particular, information management systems and artificially intelligent marking systems will free up teachers’ time, and seductive technology like VR and AR will enrich learning experiences and raise student engagement, perhaps even bringing back awe and wonder to a young generation saddled with anxiety and cynicism.

Source: https://www.tes.com/news/would-leonardo-da-vinci-have-excelled-our-school-system

Photo credit: Eric Terrade @ Unsplash