The Best of Both Worlds: Efficiency Gains without Loss of Quality

On-Demand Webinar | The Best of Both Worlds: Efficiency Gains without Loss of Quality

Selective use of machine translation, translation quality estimation, light post-editing and quality assurance in surveys and assessments, brought to you by cApStAn

From 2000 to 2024, we have come a long way. In 2000, cApStAn had a framework contract with the European Commission for rapid post-editing (RPE) of clunky, rule-based machine translation of internal documents. In 2024, we can integrate one or several trained machine translation engines in assessment localization workflow, or automatically translate responses to open-ended questions.

Is it only about more, faster and cheaper? What about quality estimation, quality evaluation and quality assurance? How we do determine the right KPIs for machine translation engines and also for the translation of different types of content? Is it possible to offer different workflows for different types of assessment-related content, survey questions, and to consistently ensure the required level of quality? What about test integrity and security?

Watch the On-demand webinar with cApStAn’s Chief Technology Officer and machine translation expert Laura Casanellas Luri and our Founder Steve Dept, to learn about valid use cases for state-of-the-art translation technology, the promises of translation quality estimation, suitability of large language models for contextualised translations and much more. We shall share our observations and concerns as well as the approaches we have adopted to tackle the issues we have encountered.

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