Using communication technology across the Atlantic to keep that cApStAn flag flying and boost one another’s morale

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Pisana Ferrari – cApStAn Ambassador to the Global Village

In these disruptive and challenging times of the coronavirus pandemic, collective health must come first, followed closely by ensuring business continuity. At cApStAn, we have promptly taken the necessary measures to protect both our staff and the community at large, without creating bottleneck situations. Our services and the communication with our clients and freelance experts are unchanged: all our staff works remotely and has secure access to the server. Projects near completion will all be delivered on schedule, and we are ready to accommodate new orders as they come in. We have video sessions with virtual coffee and tea each morning to maintain informal contact as well as business as usual (you know: the coffee machine chit chat must go on, too…) ☕  It is an opportunity to rethink what we have taken for granted, to streamline our interpersonal communication skills and make the most of a disruptive situation.Our gratitude goes out to the first-line medical aid who, despite an overwhelming stress, selflessly organise relief and care.Let us help them by contributing to flatten the curve – but without compromising on the quality of our work.

Photo: Screen capture from yesterday morning’s meet & greet