cApStAn at CSDI Workshop in Berlin 2024

SHARE BERLIN Institute GmbH | International Workshop on Comparative Survey Design and Implementation (CSDI)

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SHARE BERLIN Institute GmbH kindly hosted the 2024 International Workshop on Comparative Survey Design and Implementation (CSDI) from 18th to 20th of March.

The main goal of CSDI, established in Brussels 2002, is to improve comparative survey design, implementation, harmonization, and dissemination analysis. The workshop provides a forum and platform for researchers involved in research relevant to comparative survey methods.

To this effect, and as part of our continuous commitment to this effort and to sharing our knowledge, experience and expertise, our colleague Musab Hayatli gave a presentation the essence of which is to share a valuable source of information, namely, validated and verified multilingual response scales through an open and free-access multilingual databank. Heavy weights in the survey research and industry are supporting the idea through their knowledge and research, while GESIS (Leibniz Institute for Social Science) are taking very concrete steps in supporting cApStAn’s Efforts.

Musab Hayatli’s presentation is entitled Bank for International Survey Answer Scales (BISAS) – A Call for Action, where an outline such a databank was shared, along with some background of how the idea came about and support research concerning the benefits and advantages of such a databank.  a follow-up survey initiated and prepared by GESIS will be sent out soon inviting CSDI’s participants to provide feedback and express their level of interest in supporting such an effort.

The presentation was the outcome of a combined effort by Musab and Jon Krosnick from Stanford University, an expert in deep survey research and methodology expertise in questionnaire design, scaling, answer scale design, survey panels, Yongwei Yang from Google who specialises in Quantitative and psychometric methods in survey research, market research, user experience research, educational measurement, and organisational research, and Steve Dept Co-Founder and Partner relations at cApStAn.