Reliability and validity of international large scale assessment

Reliability and Validity of International Large-Scale Assessment

Koršňáková, P. , Dept, S. and Ebbs, D. (2020).

Chapter 6, Translation: The Preparation of National Language Versions of Assessment Instruments. In Wagemaker, H. (Editor), Reliability and Validity of International Large Scale Assessment. IEA Springer , Cham. pp, 85-111.

The International Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievement (IEA) has to be credited with pioneering international large-scale assessments (ILSAs) and with setting the bar very high in terms of methodology. The IEA also shares data and information with education stakeholders, policy-makers, researchers and field practitioners. In this spirit, the new volume edited by Dr Hans Wagemaker, Reliability and Validity of International Large-Scale Assessment, is a perfect stepping stone to acquire a broad perspective of all the quality assurance and quality control measures involved in producing fair, valid and reliable measurement instruments across languages, across delivery modes and over time. The authors have all been involved in IEA research, project design and implementation for many years. These quality assurance measures include careful preparation of translation and adaptation procedures in IEA surveys, and our CEO Steve Dept was humbled to be invited to contribute to this prestigious open-access publication, alongside Dr Paulina Koršňáková and David Ebbs. Steve has been involved in translation verification of national versions of IEA data collection instruments since 2002. He confirms that it has been a genuine pleasure to work on chapter 6 “Translation: The Preparation of National Language Versions of Assessment Instruments”.

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