Language service provider cApStAn LQC supports Translation without Borders

by Pisana Ferrari – cApStAn Ambassador to the Global Village


Translators Without Borders (TWB) is a US-based non-profit organization that offers language and translation support to humanitarian and international development organizations around the world. To accomplish this, TWB trains translators and interpreters in local languages, translates medical information related to infectious diseases or nutrition, develops multilingual glossaries to ensure consistent translation of key terms, and promotes machine translation for underserved languages.

As a linguistic service provider that has been working for the past two decades in 85 different countries and in 150 languages, we care deeply about the mission of TWB. As the news of wars, refugee crises, and health epidemics continues to grow, their exceptional work in overcoming communication barriers in crisis relief has been a constant source of inspiration. We are therefore delighted to announce that we have established a partnership with TWB for in-kind linguistic support. This support ranges from evaluating the quality of translations by aspiring TWB volunteers to language asset management. So far, our in-house verification work has been a great start to what we hope will be a very long and fruitful collaboration.

cApStAn’s CEO, Steve Dept, underscores that “the idea to find out whether we could usefully contribute to TWB’s work was brought up by a group of project managers. They were vocal about the idea that a collective voluntary effort would strengthen our sense of belonging to a society in which solidarity matters. It is refreshing to see how much this resonated with the team. I think that cutting a slice of our working time for a cause that we relate to is a form of moral hygiene.”

Read more about TWB at: https://translatorswithoutborders.org/

Photo credit: Eric DeLuca/Translators without Borders