Enneagram Indicator

The Halin-Prémont Enneagram Indicator (HPEI) translation

About Halin-Prémont Enneagram Indicator (HPEI)

The Halin Prémont Enneagram Indicator developed by researchers Philippe Halin and Jacques Prémont is a scientifically validated questionnaire designed to determine the respondent’s Enneagram type. It is used for leadership coaching and has 52 questions used to attribute a score out of 100 for each of the 9 personality types in the Enneagram.


Project Scope

cApStAn was responsible for upgrading the existing French to English translation to source version status and then using the French and English source versions to produce German, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Italian, Hebrew and Arabic versions, applying a double source double translation design.



Using two source versions (English and French) replete with idiomatic expressions to produce quality translations in the required languages was a challenge, as it required a complex procedure to avoid loss of meaning, maintain comparability across and achieve fluidity in all the languages.


Project execution process

Enneagram Indicator

Outcome achieved

The combination of a robust process design and cApStAn’s efficient project management contributed to the successful execution of the double source double translation approach required for this project. The questionnaires were rolled out on schedule and the client was very happy with the outcome in terms of quality, cost and timelines committed by cApStAn.

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