2000-2020. Memorable cApStAn moments

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by Pisana Ferrari – cApStAn Ambassador to the Global Village

“Hard work and good vibes”, and “Excellence among friends” are the two mantras defining the way we work at cApStAn. We are all highly dedicated professionals, hours are often long and stress levels can be very high, but the atmosphere is friendly, homey and fun. Danina, our Romanian translation technologist says “it is always an adventure and pleasure to go to the office”. And, as our CEO Steve Dept puts it, we have that “special ability to seamlessly combine forces into a collaborative effort that makes it possible to tackle the most challenging tasks, working as one, each contributing to the best of one’s abilities”. Yes. And when the occasion calls for it we can let our hair loose, too, of course! Here is a brief video, a collage of memorable social moments from the past 20 years. They were taken at different events and occasions across the world including in Belgium, France, Czech Republic, Hong Kong, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Turkey, Vietnam, and show cApStAn team members, clients, partners, friends, wining and dining, dancing, playing table soccer and chess, hiking, cycling, moving furniture and drilling holes, snoozing, chatting, making pizza, getting married, doing archery, admiring the countryside and farm animals, and, generally speaking, living the life. Enjoy!

Cover image: Graphillus/Milan

Video: Pisana Ferrari/Fabio Isoli

Sound track: Stevie Wonder, Happy birthday, iTunes