Translatability Assessment

Preparing multiple language versions of a test, a poll, or a survey is a work-intensive and time-consuming process. The more carefully the master version is crafted, the fewer recurring problems arise in the translated versions.

cApStAn’s Translatability Assessment identifies and eliminates—or circumvents—potential translation and cultural problems in draft survey materials before they are released for translation.

The process involves advance translation of the draft survey items into 2-3 languages covering different language groups. A framework of translatability categories is used to describe the issues and propose workarounds in the form of alternative wording or translation notes.

“Язык – инструмент; едва ли не труднее он самой скрипки. Можно бы еще заметить, что посредственность как на одном, так и на другом инструменте нетерпима.”

“A language is an instrument; perhaps, more difficult than the violin. It could be mentioned that mediocrity on either of the instruments is intolerable.”

Pyotr Vyazemsky (1792- 1878)
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