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ANDREA FERRARI Senior Associate, CFO, R&D Director

Andrea is one of cApStAn’s founders. He was exposed to a multicultural environment from early on, living and studying in Canada, Italy, Australia, Greece, Belgium. He earned a degree in business engineering from the Solvay Business School, Brussels, in 1981, did a stint with a major multinational (Procter & Gamble) but switched to self-employment since 1987, as a freelance translator and speaker. In 1999 he participated in the first cycle of PISA as Italian verifier, and quickly acquired a taste for the development of linguistic quality assurance procedures. In 2000 he joined Steve Dept to found and co-direct cApStAn. Andrea supervises financial operations and R&D efforts for the group as whole: cApStAn SPRL, cApStAn Inc. and BranTra.


STEVE DEPT Senior Associate, Chief of Enterprise Growth

Steve is one of cApStAn's founders. He received his education in English, Dutch, French and German but he is essentially an autodidact and a field practitioner: In 1998, Steve was sought out to organise the translation verification of PISA 2000 instruments and, since cApStAn’s creation in 2000, Steve has supervised linguistic quality assurance in PISA and in a vast number of major international surveys and polls. His translatability assessment methodology has been implemented in a dozen large-scale multilingual projects. Steve is the driving force behind cApStAn's adaptive strategy.


SHINOH LEE Operations Director

Shinoh Lee was born and raised in Korea. After having finished her studies in English Language and Literature at Sung Kyun Kwan University in Seoul, she moved to Belgium where she obtained a MA in Germanic Philology from the Katholieke University of Leuven (KUL) with specialisation in English and Dutch linguistics. In 2000, she started working for cApStAn as verifier for the Korean survey materials. In 2009, she joined cApStAn as a full-time employee. She is in charge of overall operations of cApStAn Europe, including project monitoring and human resources. She speaks Korean, English, Dutch, French and has some elementary knowledge of Turkish, Chinese and Japanese.


ROBERTA LIZZI Senior Project Manager, External Human Resources Director

Born in Italy, Roberta graduated at the Translation and Interpretation School of Milan. In 1992, her passion for multiculturalism brought her to Brussels, the very heart of Europe. She worked as a Senior Italian Language Specialist in a translation company, then continued as a freelance translator, instructor and verifier. In 2010, she joined cApStAn as Project Manager. She has coordinated a number of projects (IEA/TIMSS, IEA/PIRLS, ICILS, ESENER2, EU-MIDIS II, PISA assessment materials). Since November 2016, she is Director of cApStAn’s External Human Resources (EHR, also called as ‘vendors’). She speaks Italian, English, French, Dutch, German, and Spanish.


ELICA KRAJČEVA Senior Project Manager, Questionnaire Adaptation Specialist

Born in Former Yugoslavia, Elica had her education in Macedonian and Serbo-Croatian, and holds Belgian MA equivalence for a degree in Cultural Anthropology. She has lived in Misrata, Brussels, Bucharest and Prague and worked as a translator, a teacher of English and a project manager. She also speaks French and has elementary knowledge of Romanian, Greek, Czech and other Slavic languages. Since 2000, Elica has participated in numerous cApStAn linguistic quality assurance operations and attended training courses in questionnaire adaptation. She is the lead linguistic quality assurance manager for questionnaires in large-scale surveys such as OECD/TALIS, ESS, ESENER-2, OECD/PIAAC and OECD/PISA.


IRENE LIBERATI Senior Project Manager

Irene Liberati was born in Italy and grew up in France in a multilingual and multicultural context. In 2008 she obtained a MA Degree in Conference Interpreting in Italian, French and Spanish from the Translation and Interpretation School of Trieste. While studying, she started working as a free-lance translator and verifier with BranTra and cApStAn and finally became Assistant PM in 2009. Since then she has taken up increasing responsibilities and was involved in a higher number of projects as Project Manager including TIMSS/PIRLS 2011, PISA2012, PIAAC Online (ESOL) 2012, TIMSS/PIRLS 2015 and PISA2015.


EMEL INCE Assistant Project Manager

Emel was born in Turkey and lived in many different multicultural cities around Europe. She studied American Culture and Literature at Hacettepe University in Ankara, and completed her Masters in Luxemburg, in the field of Learning and Communication in Multilingual and Multicultural Contexts. Emel worked as a freelance translator and as a language tutor, including for Campus Europea. Furthermore, she was employed as Content Specialist for a leading video gaming company in Paris. She joined the cApStan team in July, 2015 where she is assisting projects such as PISA, PIRLS and TALIS. Emel speaks Turkish, English, French and Dutch.



Savita Gauchan was born in Nepal. She worked as a general administrator in a consultancy firm in Kathmandu. She moved to Germany in 2001 and afterwards to Belgium in 2006. In Germany she learned German and obtained a degree as a commercial clerk. With this background she worked as a commercial administrator for one year in an SME in Germany and, after having moved to Belgium, for six years in a subsidiary of a German enterprise. On 1st June 2015 she joined cApStAn where she is responsible for general administrative, accounting and secretarial tasks. She speaks Nepali, German, English, Hindi and French.


MANUEL SOUTO PICO Linguist and Translation Technologist

Manuel is a Galician translator and linguist by education and a self-taught language engineer and polyglot. He works as a translation technologist, specializing in terminology management, localization engineering, CAT tool consultancy and QA automation. He drives cApStAn’s R&D effort, dedicated to researching ways to optimize cApStAn's processes and developing verification-oriented prototypes (QA checker, a TM lookup engine, etc.).

cApStAn Inc. Philadelphia


LAURA WÄYRYNEN Operations Director, cApStAn Inc., Philadelphia, PA

Laura Wäyrynen has a Master’s Degree in translation of German and Spanish from University of Turku (Finland). Prior to joining cApStAn she worked as a Translation Project Manager in AAC Global, as a UI Localization Design Engineer at Nokia and as a self-employed language consultant and translator. Since early 2015, she works as the Operations Director in the cApStAn office in Philadelphia, USA.


MUSAB HAYATLI Managing Director, cApStAn Inc., Philadelphia, PA

Musab Hayatli grew up in Syria and studied English and Linguistics in Damascus, Syria, and Oxford, England. Musab is a certified translator, and a member of the Institute of Translation & Interpreting in the UK. He joined cApStAn in 2011 after a stint as a senior translator and language consultant in Good Harbor Consulting in the UAE, and prior to that, he was the Arabic Editor of Forced Migration Review, an Oxford University journal. Musab is the driving force behind cApStAn's expansion plans in the Americas.


MARIELLE LERNER Localization Specialist, cApStAn Inc., Philadelphia, PA

Marielle Lerner grew up in the United States. She learned French from her Swiss family, and studied Latin and Italian at the University of Pennsylvania and Università di Bologna. She learned Spanish while teaching English in Bogotá, Colombia. She has a BA and PhD in linguistics (focus in sociolinguistics) from UPenn, where she researched child language acquisition of Spanish as it applies to language variation and change. Prior to joining cApStAn, Marielle worked as a lecturer in linguistics and ESL at UPenn. At cApStAn she works on projects involving international large-scale surveys and assessments.


VALENTINA NARDO Survey Localization Assistant, cApStAn Inc., Philadelphia, PA

Valentina Nardo grew up in Italy and became proofreader for different publishing companies at a very early age. While studying to earn her masters in Music, she was an editor for liMes, the leading journal of geopolitics in Italy. In Philadelphia, she was a language instructor at Temple University for eight years. There she also earned her masters in TESOL, primarily researching second language acquisition and lexicalization patterns of bilingual speakers. Valentina also likes programming and sometimes freelances as a database architect.



BEN MEESSEN Associate, Managing Director, BranTra

Ben Meessen, born in Senegal, holds a translator’s degree from the University of Mons-Hainaut (Belgium) and a post-graduate degree in Business Administration from the University of Louvain. He joined cApStAn in August 2004. He is the Managing Director at BranTra and coordinates complex translation projects. He managed the production of the French version of PISA 2009, PISA 2012 and PISA 2015 survey materials. He also took charge for the production of a base Arabic version for TIMSS materials in 2007, 2011 and 2015. In addition, Ben and his team have been responsible for the translation into French of OECD reports with a special focus on education.


EVA JACOB Project Manager/Translator, BranTra

Eva is French and Belgian. She was born in Brussels but grew up in the South of France. She studied in Nîmes, Aix-en-Provence and Liverpool before coming back to Brussels to do a Masters in Multidisciplinary Translation. She combined her passion for literature with language skills and specialized in literary translation. After graduating magna cum laude in July 2015, she started to work at cApStAn as an internal translator. Since then, she has been involved in managing a growing number of projects such as PISA 2018, PIAAC Cycle 2, various OECD translation projects and projects with IPSOS MORI. She speaks French, English and Italian.


DANINA LUPSA Translation Technologist, BranTra

Danina was born in Romania and has been living in Belgium for nine years. She obtained a Bachelor degree in Chemistry before studying multidisciplinary translation in Brussels and Saarbrücken. She combined her passion for science and languages and specialized in scientific translation. Her passion for science also sparked an interest in translation technology and she started learning how to use CAT tools in her free time. She speaks French, English, Romanian and German. As a student, she started working for cApStAn and BranTra to offer first-hand technical support for PISA 2018 and was gradually involved in other projects before joining the BranTra Team.

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