cApStAn's role in Opinion polls

Public opinion research uses different interviewing modes, recycles existing questions to measure trends and develops new questions to tap into sentiment across a broad spectrum of social groupings. The role of translation technology is essential in our survey translation services: effective terminology management and good use of translation memories ensure consistency across delivery modes, across survey waves and across language versions.

Cultural adaptation is an integral part of our survey translation services: social desirability or acquiescence is known to differ across cultures, for example, and we discuss suitability of questionnaire scales with question authors before preparing the adaptation brief. Validity and reliability are at the heart of our approach.


  • Public opinion research
    Policy-makers have advisory bodies to help them make informed decisions, but they also need to know the extent to which their decisions are likely to be widely accepted or criticized. cApStAn has an extensive experience in preparing multiple language versions of public opinion surveys and documenting each step of the survey translation process, so that our report can be integrated into the technical report.


  • Election polls
    European election polls are a good example of multilingual data collection instruments that provides insight into the voting intentions of a culturally diverse population. Good practices in translating, adapting, piloting and validating these questionnaires are well documented, but very few language service providers seem to apply best practice.


  • Sentiment
    When such sensitive surveys are administered in multiple languages, it is necessary to know enough about each target group to avoid awkward translations or irrelevant examples. Cultural adaptation of data collection instruments that tap into respondents’ sentiment are amongst the trickiest. We have been maintaining a database of questionnaire scales used in these instruments, with their translations: no need to reinvent the wheel. If something is known to work well, don’t retranslate from scratch.


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