cApStAn's role in NGOs and international organisations

Initially, Non-Governmental Organizations and International Organizations requested specific survey translation services from us. For example, UNESCO asked us to translate questionnaires into Sinhalese, Hindi and Tamil for the World Education Indicators (WEI). Our cooperation extended to literacy assessments when the UNESCO Institute of Statistics (UIS) commissioned us to verify linguistic equivalence of literacy and numeracy tests in languages such as Hausa, Mongolian, Swahili (and a dozen others). We gave workshops on the process of translation and adaptation of instruments in Niamey and in Montreal.


As smooth communications were established, there was a surge in demand for the translation of reports, minutes and publications with sensitive content, often with quick turnaround times. Our client-specific translation memories are well maintained, which makes it possible to share efficiency gains with both the NGOs/Int’l Organizations and with the linguists. cApStAn now translates a variety of documents for professional associations, unions, and non-profit organizations.


We often hear from clients in the public sector that they appreciate having a dedicated project manager who understands their specific needs, their budget constraints and the differences between internal documents and publication-grade documents. cApStAn Translate has a communication style that is well-adapted to that of international organizations and NGOs.


The following documents are some of the most frequent requests


  • Minutes and summary notes
    The content needs to remain factual and unambiguous, the form needs to remain constant. Style conventions need to be respected and recurring expressions need to be translated consistently. Repetitions (and fuzzy matches) are not charged, or charged less.


  • Publication-grade reports
    International organizations collect data and disseminate analyses of the results. This information comes in the form of technical reports, executive summaries and explanations on indicators and how to interpret them. For the OECD, cApStAn Translate produces the French version of Education At A Glance year after year, harmonizing the translations of chapters written in English by different authors. Our translators combine the thoroughness of scientific translators and the skill of copy editors, instilling life into factual reports that will inform decisions of policy-makers.


  • Good practices, user guides
    Consistency in recurring terms and expressions and accuracy of terminology are key to translating documents that set standards or define processes. Clients know they can count on cApStAn’s careful preparation of projects to ensure that these objectives are met.


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