The organisation was set up in May 2000 and has its offices in Brussels, Belgium and, since 2014, also in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.

cApStAn is a high-profile language service provider with a holistic approach to multilingual projects: this ranges from translatability assessments, preparation of glossaries and translation guidelines—before translation commences—to delivering premium translations that are fit for purpose. The R&D department focuses on in-house development of web-based quality assurance applications and searchable translation memory management.

In addition to a multilingual/multicultural core team of 21 experts, cApStAn trains, coordinates and supervises a unique network of linguists: all are experienced translators and/or teachers; all have one or several higher education degrees, mostly in philology, translation, sociology, psychology, economics or educational science. Over 230 linguists are currently under contract with cApStAn and work remotely.

cApStAn operates as an independent linguistic quality control agency: we maximise 3MC equivalence and document the translation verification history of each segment in each language. One of our flagship projects is OECD/PISA: cApStAn has been responsible for ensuring linguistic equivalence of all language versions of this large-scale international survey since its inception. In PISA 2018, this represents over 80 countries and over 100 national versions.

We have a unique portfolio of references with international organisations, research institutes, NGOs and the testing industry.