The guiding principle of cApStAn’s R&D effort, orchestrated by Andrea Ferrari, is pragmatic: any repetitive LQA or LQC task can and should be automated. Our lead researcher Manuel Souto Pico is a translation technologist who is conversant in programming and in daily contact with the project managers. He writes rules and specifications for new functionalities, which can be included in cApStAn’s web-based application prototype Very FireTM.

The Tool Box Journal is a Newsletter by Jost Zetzsche, who writes objective, independent reviews of any new tools that potentially make linguists’ tasks simpler. Jost is first and foremost a freelance translator: he has all the hands-on experience you can get, and his analysis of new applications and functionalities is focussed and relevant. The Basic Edition is for free, but it really is worthwhile to subscribe to the Premium version.  Enjoy!


“In its communicative function, language is a set of tools with which we attempt to guide another mind to create within itself a mental representation that approximates the one we have.”

Scott Delancey