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Title:Linguistic Quality Control
Date of publishing:January 01, 2009
Category:Other content

Linguistic Quality Control

Linguistic Quality Control (LQC) is the validation of translated documents to ensure they meet stringent requirements of linguistic correctness, accurate and consistent terminology, equivalence to the source, cultural appropriateness, and readability for the target audience.

Steps of Linguistic Quality Control:

To analyse translation processes and develop appropriate verification procedures, which are continuously updated, improved, and tested in collaboration with linguistic researchers and the contracting authorities.

To select translation verifiers according to strict criteria; to train them to implement cApStAn's procedures and document their verification work in a standardised manner.

To operate a network of experienced verifiers: native speakers of over fifty-five languages, all with higher education and coming from diverse backgrounds.

To deliver validated materials together with verification reports in which the verification team’s corrections and suggestions are clearly documented.

"The original is unfaithful to the translation."

Jorge Luis Borges